Million Dollar Agent: How anyone can easily build a multi-million-dollar real estate business

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What you will learn...


Framework of a Million-Dollar Profit Team

Learn the fundamental principles of what it takes to build a successful and profitable real estate team. You'll understand the different team structures and philosophies that have been tested and proven to generate million-dollar profits.

Team Structures Defined

  • What a $1,000,000 profit team looks like.
  • Learn how Nick McLean built a team with millions of dollars of profit in under five years.
  • How do you determine the marketplace strategically


Team Structure and Philosophies

Discover the core philosophies that drive the success of million-dollar real estate teams. You'll learn how to establish a mission, vision, and core values for your team and how to implement a compensation plan that motivates your agents to perform at their best.

  • Learn Nick’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values and how they were created to drive growth.
  • Learn how to build a compensation plan that incentives productivity and maintains profits. 
  • Learn how to maximize profits per sale by instilling a fee structure.



Learn the top 11 lead generation strategies that have been proven to drive results for real estate teams. You'll also discover how to create a unique selling proposition that sets your team apart from the competition and how to leverage branding and messaging to build your reputation in the marketplace.

  • Top 11 Lead Generation Team Strategies
  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Risk Reversals 
  • Guarantees and Guarantee Sales Program
  • Branding & Reputation Marketing
  • Belief Systems & PIC MODE


Listing Systems 

Dive into the listing process and how to create a system that reduces bottlenecks and increases sales. You'll learn how to present your commission to sellers and how to streamline the listing process to improve your team's efficiency and profitability.

  • Nick breakdowns the expert listing process that increases efficiency, and conversion and can be performed by most agents.
  • Systems, people, presentation, and execution
  • How to be the most expensive team in your marketplace - Commission Strategies 


Buyer Systems

Learn how to create a buyer department process that reduces bottlenecks and increases throughput sales. You'll discover the key components of a successful prospecting and follow-up system and how to create a client experience that turns leads into raving fans.

  • Nick breaks down the buying conversion process.
  • Prospecting and Follow-Up management process
  • How to use Dual Reporting, Phone Systems - Recorded Lines for training and increase productivity


Administration “The Core” 

Learn the importance of administration and how to create systems and processes that support your team's success. You'll discover the roles and responsibilities of your team members and how to create a culture of abundance and giving.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of all the key team members
  • How to Pay, offer Time-Off, Sick Leave and benefits.
  • How to use Daily Huddles & End of Day Reports to provide the visionary freedom and independence.


Training - Foundation for Growth

Learn how to create a training rhythm and structure that advances new agents into profit centers for your team. You'll discover the aviation background and training structure used by top-performing real estate teams, and how to run effective sales meetings that drive results.

  • How to build a training program like an airline
  • How to run an effective sales meeting three days a week
  • How to run accountability groups that hold each team accountable without taxing the leadership


Client Experience Defined

We will go over how to break down and maximize the client experience. We will discuss how to identify the key components of the client experience, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to ensure the client experience is as successful as possible. We will also discuss techniques to measure the success of the client experience, as well as how to use feedback to ensure that the client experience is constantly evolving and improving.

  • Turning leads into raving fans
  • Client Letters & Reviews, Review Contest
  • Net Promoter Scores - Client Experience Survey


Recruiting Systems

Learn how to build a powerful recruiting system that attracts top-performing agents to your team. You'll discover the strategies and tools used by successful real estate teams to create a scholarship program and hire superstar agents.

  • Learn how to recruit, attract and retain new talent
  • Learn Nick’s Hiring Ads 
  • Scholarship Programs


Breaking Down the Numbers

Learn how to analyze your financials and understand the key metrics that drive your team's success. You'll discover how to calculate your breakeven and understand the impact of lender and vendor contributions on your team's profitability.

  • Profit and Loss Statement & Chart of Accounts
  • How to Calculate Your Breakeven
  • Lender & Vendor Contribution


Creating A Culture Of Abundance And Giving! 

Tips and strategies on how to build a culture that fosters collaboration to encourage creativity and increase engagement. We will explore ways to motivate employees, create a clear vision, and provide resources to ensure success. How to create an environment that encourages people to bring their best ideas and efforts to the workplace.

  • Remove all negativity and disputes with your team so your team can focus on what truly matters, being part of a tribe that is safe and cares about your success.
  • How to use the acknowledgment to supercharge your team

At the end of Million Dollar Agent, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build a successful and profitable real estate team. With the tools, strategies, and frameworks you've learned, you'll be well on your way to creating the most profitable real estate team in your marketplace. So, join us today and start your journey to million-dollar

Million Dollar Agent provides a highly profitable real estate team tailored to your unique marketplace, resources, assets, and capabilities.

What people are saying about Nick McLean's courses...

Michael Perna

"Nicks Listing Mastery Course goes beyond the basics (canned brokerage presentation) to the details needed to convert listings at a high level. All 8 of our agents and myself took the course & as we're practicing & implementing each nuance our conversation rates are going up. It makes sense why he has a 20% market share & is growing. If you're looking for listings to be the mainstay of your business this course is a must take."

- Michael Perna

Grier Allen, CEO, BOOMTOWN

"Nick, your presentation was pure gold. It's actionable knowledge from Titans like you that makes BoomTown UNITE such a special event every year. Thanks for giving back to the community that we are so proud to serve."

- Grier Allen, CEO, BOOMTOWN

Bob Sophiea

"Nick McLean is the real deal: a coach with invaluable perspectives and experiences making him uniquely equipped to provide world-class guidance. His coaching style has empowered me, transforming my business in remarkable ways — from rapid advancement to heightened customer service excellence and increased profitability!"

- Bob Sophiea

Tad Fulford

"I’ll vouch for Nick McLean if anyone is on the fence about this. I believe he is philosophically on top of his game more than anyone I follow currently. My agents and I have grown from his input. Do it."

- Tad Fulford

 Curtis Counts

"We took the listing course, it was all around terrific!"

- Curtis Counts

"I am super excited for this. The big red MREA was great for it's time, but this is next level."

- Alex Yu

"Nick was the best coach I ever had when it came to content, accountability, setting up an independent real estate brokerage, and team recruiting. He has the systems and his record speaks for himself. His style of coaching is direct, caring, and on point. In my first few months with Nick, I recruited more agents than I had in the last 3 years. I had a resistance to onboarding and his systems really helped with that. With his content, I always had something to say. One of the things I appreciated most was his responsiveness, point of view, and the way he approached things...oh...he was also NEVER 1 second late for our coaching time slots like other coaches I have had in the past."

- Jason Baker

  • Was $4,997
  • Discounted to $1,249

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